Breast augmentation in Barcelona


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10 days


2 weeks


From €6,000

What is an augmentation mammoplasty?

Breast augmentation is a breast surgery that allows breast augmentation. In this surgical intervention an increase in breast volume will be sought.In addition, their shape will be improved so that the breast augmentation appears as natural as possible. This plastic surgery in Barcelona can be performed by inserting a prosthesis or through a lipotransfer (fat transfer).

Dr. Tintoré will perform the augmentation mammoplasty using the technique you desire. In the same way, he will use the prostheses you prefer for your breast augmentation. At Clínica Tintoré we will always advise you on what technique or what type of prosthesis you should use for your breast augmentation. In our plastic surgery clinic, we guarantee you a risk-free breast operation with unique results.

Breast augmentation before and after

Thanks to Dr. Tintoré's great experience you will be able to see a great before and after in a short time. In our breast augmentation clinic, you will notice a great natural and harmonious change in your body. In addition, our entire team will be taking care of you before and after your breast augmentation in Barcelona. We will ensure that you have a perfect result and you just have to enjoy your new change.

At Clínica Tintoré we always make sure that everything goes well before and after your breast surgery.. For example, thanks to our exclusive post-operative service you will be back in your routine in less than 2 weeks.. Also, you will be receiving personalized care before and after your breast augmentation at our plastic surgery clinic in Barcelona.

breast augmentation price

To know how much a breast augmentation costs in Barcelona, we will have to take several factors into account. In our plastic surgery clinic, the price of an augmentation mammoplasty starts at €6,000. Plus, you'll have everything you need included in the price after your breast augmentation.. In the same way, you will always be in contact with Dr. Tintoré.

The price of a breast augmentation may vary depending on the type of prosthesis you choose and the technique used for the intervention. Before and after the breast lift operation you can speak with Dr. Tintoré to resolve any concerns. At Clínica Tintoré, you will be with the best surgeon for breast augmentation in Barcelona.

Breast augmentation clinic in Barcelona

Breast augmentation surgery is one of Dr. Tintoré's specialty. Our plastic surgeon and his team are the best for breast augmentation and we are proof of it.. In our clinic you will not have to worry about anything, since everything you need will be at your disposal at all times. In addition, you will have a personalized recovery plan so that you recover as quickly as possible..

If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon for breast augmentation or the best clinic for breast augmentation, you are in the right place.. We guarantee you a risk-free and successful breast augmentation operation. Also, we will advise you during the first year to take care of you.

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Types of Prostheses

To know the type of prosthesis you should use, you must take into account the advice of a highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Tintoré. In our surgery clinic we use prostheses that should never be changed. Everything will depend on your lifestyle after breast augmentation and your anatomy..

Round prostheses

Round dentures, as the name suggests, have a rounded appearance at the top and bottom. In this way, after the breast augmentation operation you will see a similar projection on both sides.. Our plastic surgeon in Barcelona will make the augmentation mammoplasty as harmonious as possible for you.

ergonomic prosthesis

This prosthesis for breast augmentation adapts at all times to your position. Ergonomic prostheses have a round shape, but are capable of expanding thanks to their composition. Dr. Tintoré recommends this type of prosthesis for breast augmentation in women with tuberous breasts.

Anatomical prosthesis

This type of prosthesis is known as a “drop shape” when we talk about an augmentation mammoplasty. This has an appearance that very well imitates the anatomy of natural breasts. If you are looking for a natural breast augmentation, this is your best option thanks to its projection at the bottom and its roundness at the top..

Frequent questions

These are the frequently asked questions by our patients before breast augmentation. At Clínica Tintoré, we take the time necessary to resolve all your questions. Dr. Tintoré is the best surgeon for breast augmentation. He himself will answer each frequently asked question.

Can breasts be increased with fat?

Yes, we can perform breast augmentation with fat if you wish. An increase in breasts with fat is usually known as lipotransfer or breast lipofilling.. Our plastic surgeon in Barcelona will focus on increasing the volume of the bust and improving its shape.. This intervention consists of extracting fat from your body where there is excess and replacing it for a breast augmentation.

Can enhanced breasts look natural?

Yes, breast augmentation can look natural. For an augmentation mammoplasty to have a natural appearance depends on several factors. Dr. Tintoré will advise you to choose the prosthesis according to your anatomy. Also, the technique used during breast augmentation must be taken into account.. Finally, Dr. Tintoré will give you instructions after the breast augmentation to optimize the results.

Does breast augmentation leave a scar?

Yes, breast augmentation surgery can leave small scars. Before and after the augmentation mammoplasty you will be informed about the procedure for your correct healing. In the same way, you will know where the incisions will be located around the areola. Scars vary depending on the technique applied in the breast augmentation operation and your anatomy.. Our plastic surgeon in Barcelona always takes great care of the technique to minimize scars after mammoplasty..



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