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Gynecomastia is an intervention that eliminates fatty and glandular tissue from the male breasts, a tissue that can give a flaccid appearance to the man's pectoral area. Thanks to the Lipofit4D technique, Dr. Tintoré is able to sculpt a toned and firm chest according to the objectives of each person. Using this technique, the localized fat is absorbed and injected again to give the desired shape.



Gynecomastia can give you the pectoral that you have always dreamed of and that, due to having a larger mammary gland or with fatty tissue, is very difficult to achieve. With this intervention you get the firm and stylized appearance you want, with hardly any visible scars.

The intervention

Our surgeons perform Gynecomastia with an exclusive ultrasound-assisted technique. With ultrasonic liposuction of the breast tissue we manage to eliminate fatty tissue from the breast. Then, through a micro incision in the nipple we access the gland and remove it.

The return to normal

As it is a non-invasive intervention, recovery occurs quickly. The majority of men who undergo Gynecomastia with the Lipofit 4D technique feel well within 2 days, being able to return to work in a very short time, taking into account, of course, the type of activity they carry out.

Premium Recovery Program

The main objective of this program is to reduce recovery time, improving healing, reducing pain and eliminating edema and inflammation. This program is included in a personalized way in all surgeries at Clínica Tintoré. This is a specific post-surgery treatment program adapted to you.

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Tintoré Clinic, your ally in Gynecomastia at the best price

At Clínica Tintoré we have the latest techniques in plastic surgery with which we obtain excellent results. We also work with the best brands on the market in terms of technology and surgical material.

Dr. Tintoré is a specialist in Gynecomastia and Lipofit4d with more than 25 years of experience. Adapt and personalize the technique depending on the person's anatomical structure and their desires to achieve harmonious and natural results.

Frequent questions

Why does breast tissue accumulate in a male chest?

It is an accumulation of breast and/or fatty tissue in a man's chest due to a hormonal imbalance. The most normal thing is that it appears in adulthood between 18 and 45 years old.

Is gynecomastia a painful operation?

Gynecomastia surgery is very minimally invasive, recovery is usually very quick and very little painful. From the fourth or fifth day after the intervention you can begin to lead a normal life without physical effort.

Does gynecomastia leave visible scars?

The gynecomastia scar ends up being invisible as time goes by, it consists of making a small incision around the areola. Dr. Tintoré leaves minimal scarring by applying the least invasive technique on the market with Lipofit4d.

At what age can I have gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is recommended to be performed after passing the period of adolescence since due to hormonal changes the size of the breasts can still change. At approximately 18 years of age, growth ends and this type of intervention could be performed.

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