Labiaplasties: Intimate Surgery for women

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Labiaplasty or nymphoplasty is a surgery that allows rejuvenation of a woman's intimate area by reducing or modifying the shape of the labia minora. Through this intervention you will improve the health, hygiene and appearance of your genitals.

Type of Intervention

It is a surgical intervention with general anesthesia and nerve blocks, with this we ensure that the anesthetic effect lasts approximately 48 hours after the intervention to ensure your comfort and well-being without pain.

Duration of the Intervention

The duration is 1 to 2 hours and does not require admission. The approximate recovery time is 10 days.

Benefits of the Intervention

This is your surgery if you are a woman who wants to rejuvenate your intimate area to recover your sex life, be able to do physical activity and dress in tight clothing without discomfort. We invite you to make an appointment with our surgeons.

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Tintoré Clinic, your ally in laser labiaplasty in Barcelona at the best price

At Clínica Tintoré we have the latest generation technologies. Working with the best brands on the market allows us to achieve precision surgery with less tissue damage and excellent results.

Ultrasonic Labiaplasty is one of the most requested interventions thanks to Dr. Tintoré's recognition for its naturally beautiful results.

At Clínica Tintoré, we guarantee exceptional results and a safe and effective surgical experience.

Frequent questions

What are the causes of having large labia minora?

Having large labia minora can be due to several causes, the most common being genetic, hormonal factors or women after giving birth. It can also be derived from the use of piercings that modify the shape of the vagina or possible injuries and/or diseases during a woman's sexual life.

Can it be done with local anesthesia?

It can be performed with local anesthesia by applying topical anesthesia previously and admission to the hospital is not necessary since it is a very minimally invasive surgery.

How long after labiaplasty can I have sexual relations?

To return to a completely normal life, it is recommended to wait 1 month. Both for having sexual relations and for physical activity. However, you can start working after 5-10 days, always depending on the type of activity performed since the patient will not have any discomfort or pain after this period.

Do you lose sensitivity after surgery?

Sensitivity is not lost since the surgery tries to modify the shape of the dermal tissue, so it is an intervention that is carried out at a completely superficial level. Sensitivity comes from the nerves and the procedure and techniques we apply do not intervene with them. However, it is common that for a few months you can notice internal inflammation in the area and this generates sensitivity; in any case, it recovers completely over time.

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