Liposculpture in Barcelona

What is liposculpture?

The liposculpture operation consists of removing excess fat and toning the area in question.. This plastic surgery seeks to give a more athletic or muscular appearance to the operated areas. Dr. Tintoré has a great reputation in liposculpture in Barcelona. Thanks to his experience and his great work, he has managed to introduce a new exclusive liposculpture technique for his patients. 

This intervention will extract fat using Vaser technology and sculpt your body to give it an athletic appearance. Liposculpture in Barcelona usually lasts 2 to 3 hours in the operating room. At the Tintoré Clinic, you will always be assisted and cared for by our professionals. In our plastic surgery clinic we assure you of a risk-free liposculpture operation with unique results..


2h - 3h approx.


1 night




10 days


2 weeks


From €3,500

Liposculpture before and after

At the Tintoré Clinic you will have everything you need before and after liposculpture in Barcelona. Thanks to our postoperative service, you will be able to return to your routine within approximately 15 days. Our postoperative service will create a personalized plan for you, to ensure an excellent recovery. Dr. Tintoré and his team will be supervising your transformation for a year until they know the final result of your liposculpture.

Also, you will be able to enjoy your transformation as soon as possible thanks to our exclusive postoperative treatments. Before and after liposculpture in Barcelona is unique thanks to Dr. Tintoré and his great dedication to each patient. Likewise, we recognize the uniqueness of each patient, That is why we will give you personalized instructions before and after your liposculpture surgery..

Liposculpture price

To know the price of liposuction in Barcelona, we must take into account the area operated on and the technique used.. At Clínica Tintoré, we use Vaser liposculpture by preference and the price starts at €3,500. Unlike other plastic surgery clinics, we include everything necessary from the second consultation to your complete recovery..

The price of liposculpture includes much more than the intervention. Our plastic surgeon in Barcelona will take care of you and will be available at any time of doubt.. Our goal is to give you the best possible results, in the shortest time after your surgery. In the same way, don't forget all the care you will receive session by session in the postoperative service at Clínica Tintoré.

Lipofit 4D in Barcelona

This innovative liposculpture technique is originally from Colombia and brought to Spain for the first time thanks to Dr. Tintoré. With LipoFit 4D we seek to combine Vaser Liposculpture and HD Liposculpture in a single intervention.. In this way, Dr. Tintoré will focus on giving an athletic or muscular figure to the operated area, taking advantage of the previously extracted fat. Lipofit 4D usually intervenes in areas such as the abdomen, which can be known as abdominal marking or Six Pack.

4D lipofit in women and men seeks the same result, but with different approaches depending on the patient's body. Unlike traditional liposculpture, this technique will provide you with a muscular but harmonious transformation with your body. Furthermore, liposculpture in Barcelona is one of Dr. Tintoré's most recognized specialties.. Thanks to hundreds of patients who have trusted this innovative technique, we have been able to transform the lives of each of them.

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Types of liposculpture

Liposculpture can vary depending on the final approach you want to give to your plastic surgery in Barcelona. Each type of liposculpture operation can be the same procedure during the intervention, but it does not have the same final detail.. Dr. Tintoré will always perform the technique you want and detail the area in the way you request. At Clínica Tintoré we usually recommend intervening in more areas of the body so that liposuction gives better visible results.s. 

Vaser Liposculpture

This technique uses Vaser technology to have greater precision during the liposculpture operation. It is very efficient in taking care of the rest of the tissues and not causing damage to them. Vaser liposculpture is the specialty of Dr. Tintoré and his team.

360 Liposculpture

360 lipo is the most complete technique in terms of areas operated on. This type of liposculpture in Barcelona seeks to eliminate excess fat throughout the torso and shape the figure of your body naturally. With this technique, Dr. Tintoré will advise you how you can use the extracted fat in case you want a lipotransfer..

HD Liposculpture

HD (High Definition) liposculpture, in addition to eliminating excess fat and shaping the area, seeks to tone or mark the operated area. We can say that It is a liposculpture technique recommended for patients looking for muscle marking. totally harmonious to your body.


The questions that Dr. Tintoré receives most in consultations will be in this section. This way, you can clarify any questions about liposculpture in our plastic surgery clinic in Barcelona.. Dr. Tintoré is the best surgeon for liposculpture and you will not hesitate for a moment when you are in his hands.

1. What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?

Liposuction and liposculpture are similar interventions; The difference to take into account is the final result of the lipo operation. Liposuction in our plastic surgery clinic focuses on removing excess fat and shaping the body in a natural way. On the other hand, liposculpture in Barcelona focuses on giving an athletic appearance to the operated area. If you are looking for a more marked or muscular result, liposculpture surgery is your indicated option.

2. Is liposuction similar to abdominal shaping?

Abdominal marking can be directly related to liposculpture. If we talk about abdominal marking, we are referring to a liposculpture operation on the abdomen or an abdominal liposculpture. Thanks to our plastic surgeon in Barcelona, abdominal marking or Six-Pack is one of the operations with the best ratings at the Tintoré Clinic.


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