Liposuction in Barcelona

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgery that aims to eliminate localized fat that is left over from your body.. One of the most requested localized liposuctions is abdominal liposuction, but Dr. Tintoré is a specialist in all types of areas. For example, Our plastic surgeon is recognized for being the best in double chin liposuction or 360 liposuction in Barcelona.

At Clínica Tintoré we treat all localized liposuctions and you will only have to enjoy the results. Thanks to Dr. Tintoré's experience, it is possible eliminate localized fat with vaser liposuction and be able to shape the contour as you wish. We always recommend vaser liposuction to our patients, as it allows the surgery to be performed with greater precision without damaging the greatest amount of tissue.


1h - 2h approx.


1 night




10 days


2 weeks


From €2,000

Liposuction before and after

The results of our plastic surgeon are unique in the world. You can be sure that you will have the best before and after liposuction in Barcelona. Our plastic surgeon has extensive experience in liposuction for men in any localized area. For this reason, In 10 days you will be able to see the before and after that you have always wanted.

Thanks to vaser liposuction you will be able to return to your routine in approximately 2 weeks and enjoy the results. We have always given great importance to before and after liposuction in our plastic surgery clinic. Also, we take care of you every moment and you will be under review during the first year. Only at Clínica Tintoré will you notice a great before and after liposuction, thanks to the experience of Dr. Tintoré.

Price of Liposuction

The price of liposuction in Barcelona depends on the area and the technique used. The cost of a double chin liposuction is less than that of an abdominal liposuction, since they are areas of different sizes. In addition, the time of the intervention also changes depending on the area located. The price of liposuction at Clínica Tintoré Barcelona starts at €2,000.

The cost of liposuction will always include everything you need before and after liposuction in Barcelona. You won't have to worry about anything, just enjoy the results. In our surgery clinic you will enjoy every moment and see an incredible result before and after. You will see the value of liposuction reflected every moment at Clínica Tintoré.

Localized liposuction

In our plastic surgery clinic you can perform liposuction in the area you want. Dr. Tintoré focuses on obtaining the best result and that you have the best before and after liposuction surgery. For example, You can ask our plastic surgeon for double chin liposuction, abdominal liposuction or several liposuctions at the same time.. Enjoy risk-free and harmonious liposuction at Clínica Tintoré. 

Abdominal Liposuction

Liposuction of the abdomen or belly is an intervention that serves to eliminate excess fat in that area.. Additionally, abdominal liposuction is performed with the intention of improving body definition and contour. In abdominal liposuction surgery, a flat and toned abdomen is achieved. Dr. Tintoré is the best plastic surgeon for liposuction and will shape the area according to your request.

Back Liposuction

Back liposuction can also be known as holster liposuction.. This liposuction in the lower back focuses on eliminating excess fat located where it usually accumulates. Dr. Tintoré will achieve a slim silhouette and shape the area according to your request.

Double Chin Liposuction

Double chin liposuction or double chin liposuction is a surgery that aims to eliminate excess fat located under the chin and near the neck.. In this liposuction surgery in Barcelona, a better definition of the jaw and neck is sought. Our plastic surgeon will shape the contour to give a more stylized profile.

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Types of Liposuction

In our plastic surgery clinic you can perform different types of liposuction and/or different techniques in different areas. Dr. Tintoré uses vaser liposuction for any lipo operation in Barcelona. Liposuction in men and women is performed depending on each patient, with the most appropriate technique to obtain the desired result.. Each type of liposuction has an intervention time and different purpose.

360 Liposuction

This technique combines several localized interventions, such as abdominal liposuction and back liposuction.. Our plastic surgeon focuses on removing excess fat around the torso. Using the best techniques for a speedy recovery.

Vaser Liposuction

This intervention is also known as ultrasonic liposuction. Vaser liposuction is Dr. Tintoré's preferred technique as it reduces damage to nearby tissues. With this type of liposuction in Barcelona, fat is emulsified and eliminated in a more delicate and selective way..

HD Liposuction

This type of liposuction is performed by highlighting and sculpting the entire torso. HD (High Definition) liposuction in Barcelona will define the muscle contours to give an athletic and sculpted figure. At Clínica Tintoré, we will shape the contour according to your request and we will seek to harmonize the entire area.


These are the frequently asked questions of our patients, in our plastic surgery clinic we take the time necessary to answer all your questions. For this reason, our plastic surgeon answers your questions one by one. At Clínica Tintoré we do everything possible to achieve risk-free and harmonious liposuction.

1. Liposuction recovery time

Recovery time at Clínica Tintoré is approximately 10 days.. Dr. Tintoré and his team will develop a personalized post-operative plan for you, so that you recover as quickly as possible. In our postoperative service we perform unique techniques and therapies to reduce liposuction recovery time. This way, in approximately 2 weeks you will be back in your routine.

2. Is liposuction dangerous?

Liposuction in Barcelona, performed by Dr. Tintoré, is performed with all the necessary resources and in an appropriate environment to be safe.. At Clínica Tintoré, we carry out each intervention at the General Hospital of Catalonia with all its services. The most important thing is to choose an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon to follow safety measures at all times.

3. Does liposuction leave scars?

Liposuction in our plastic surgery clinic is a surgery that does not leave large, easy-to-see scars. The only scars left by liposuction surgery are the cannula incisions, which after a while turn out to be practically invisible. In conclusion, liposuction by Dr. Tintoré can leave very small scars for a while and then they will be unrecognizable.


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