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Mastopexy with prosthesis, also known as breast lift with implants, combines the lifting and reshaping of the breasts by incorporating breast implants.

Mastopexy without prosthesis, also known as breast lift or breast lift, is a surgical procedure that lifts and reshapes the breasts without the need to add implants or breast prostheses.

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Mastopexy is an intervention that allows the breasts to be lifted, obtaining very natural results. In cases where you want to modify the size, it can be accompanied by a breast reduction or an increase with the incorporation of a prosthesis or lipotransfer. It is common that due to sudden changes in weight or after breastfeeding periods, the elasticity of the skin is lost, which is why this surgery is chosen to rejuvenate the breasts and recover their firmness with a natural appearance. This intervention is also indicated for women who want to change the shape of their breast in general. Taking into account your needs and the result you would like to obtain, Dr Tintoré will propose the option that best suits your case.

Type of Intervention

It is a surgical intervention with general anesthesia and nerve blocks, with this we ensure that the anesthetic effect lasts approximately 48 hours after the intervention to ensure your comfort and well-being without pain.

Duration of the Intervention

The duration is 1 to 2 hours and requires an overnight stay at the General Hospital of Catalunya, with a family member or companion. The approximate recovery time is one month in which you should use a surgical belt and avoid physical exertion such as exercise, carrying weight, etc.

Objectives to achieve

This is your surgery if you are a woman who wants to regain her firm breasts and achieve a natural lift. We invite you to make an appointment with our surgeons.

The results

Breast lift gives you excellent results. In the vast majority of cases the results are definitive.

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Mastopexy Surgery at Tintoré Clinic

At Clínica Tintoré we have the latest techniques in plastic surgery with which we obtain excellent results. We also work with the best brands on the market in terms of technology, prostheses and surgical material.

Among our star technologies we have the Urgotouch Laser, technology applied in the operating room, with which it is possible to improve healing, favoring the appearance since they are finer and more concealed.

Dr. Tintoré is a specialist in Mastopexy with the inverted T technique and also in Breast Augmentation with more than 25 years of experience. Adapt and personalize the technique depending on the person's anatomical structure and their desires to achieve harmonious and natural results.

Frequent questions

Does breast mastopexy leave visible scars?

Healing depends on many factors, mainly on your body's ability to heal and on the other hand, post-surgery care. In addition, we also have the latest Urgotouch Laser technology with which we achieve an even more optimal result since we stimulate the healing process from the first moment, reducing the visibility of the scar in many cases up to 50%.

At what age is it advisable to have a mastopexy?

There is no recommended age to perform this surgery. The technique that will be applied will not depend on the patient's age. We only recommend delaying the surgery date if you want to get pregnant soon since pregnancy involves changes in the body, so the breasts can change again.

Why does the chest sag?

There are many reasons why the chest begins to sag, the first of which is gravity, weight and time. It is common for the breast to sag over time since it is a constant weight only supported by a muscle, which also tends to lose strength and volume due to normal hormonal changes throughout life. Another important factor to take into account is motherhood. During pregnancy and breastfeeding the breast can lose elasticity and firmness. One of the most common cases of mastopexy is that of patients who have been mothers and have breastfed, often accompanied by breast enlargement. botulinum toxin injections or hyaluronic acid filler.

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