Ultrasonic Subcutaneous Mastectomy

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It is the surgery that allows masculinization of the thorax, through the removal of the glandular breast tissue using a new ultrasound technique. The goal of mastectomy is to eliminate your breast volume to achieve a flat and athletic torso depending on your preferences. There are several types of mastectomy, the choice of technique will depend on the size of the breasts, and you can also modify the size of the areola and nipple if desired. In some cases it is also advisable to combine this surgery with Lipofit4D to minimize scars and naturally masculinize the pectoral. At Clínica Tintoré we assess your case in the first consultation, where a surgery plan will be made according to your needs. Dr. Tintoré is well known for his ultrasonic technique in which lipotransfer is applied to achieve the natural shape of the pectoral and minimal scarring in the nipple area.


With ultrasound-assisted mastectomy we will not only eliminate excess fat located in the breast area, but we will also define the pectoral muscles and outline the contours, avoiding sagging of the breast skin. In addition, we will tone and give volume to your pectoral muscles.

The intervention

Ultrasonic subcutaneous mastectomy combines cutting-edge technology, surgical technique and art. Thanks to the mastery and applied technique of the latest technologies, we use state-of-the-art ultrasound to emulsify the fat before vacuuming it.


Ultrasonic subcutaneous mastectomy is minimally invasive, so your recovery will be quick and you will be able to return to work in a few days.

The results

One month after the intervention you will be able to exercise again. If you tone the pectoral area you will see how the aesthetic results are maintained and improved exponentially.

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Tintoré Clinic, your ally in bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy at the best price

At Clínica Tintoré we have the Bilateral Subcutaneous Mastectomy technique and on many occasions we combine it with Lipofit4D to tone and masculinize the breast in a natural and precise way. Dr. Tintoré stands out internationally in this surgery as he has more than 25 years of experience and is a pioneer in Spain in the high-definition liposuction technique.

One of the reasons why our patients take the initiative to have surgery in our clinic is the closeness and care that we provide in our services. Many of our patients come from different parts of the world such as Italy, Finland, Russia, among others due to the difficulties they have in performing surgery in their respective countries.

Frequent questions

How is bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy different from classic mastectomy?

Bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy is a surgical technique that consists of removing breast and adipose tissue by making a small incision in the areola. It is the technique that Dr. Tintoré prioritizes since the scar is minimally located in the areola and is practically invisible. On the other hand, the classic mastectomy is performed when there is a lot of breast tissue, the scar remains below the chest and is hidden by the natural shape of the male pectoral. Its objective is to reduce excess skin on the chest in addition to breast and adipose tissue. It can be combined with Vaser and Microaire, the latest technology in Dr. Tintoré's Lipofit4D to obtain a better result.

Will subcutaneous mastectomy affect sensation in the chest area?

After a subcutaneous mastectomy, as with all surgical interventions, there are risks. One of them is losing the sensitivity of the breasts. With Dr. Tintoré we reduce this probability to a minimum by working with Vaser and Microaire to make a precise incision without damaging the tissue. On the other hand, with our personalized Premium Postoperative program we control possible risks even more thanks to our specialists who adapt the treatment to your needs and evolution. In any case, we must keep in mind that each body is different and it is difficult to predict the recovery of sensitivity. By putting yourself in the hands of the Tintoré team you can be sure that all the necessary measures are taken to obtain the best result.

How should I care for my scars after a traditional mastectomy?

In traditional mastectomy, the scar is characterized by being below the breast in a horizontal line that is hidden by the volume of the pectoral itself. To take care of scars there are different methods, starting at the time of surgery in which Urgotouch technology can be applied, a unique laser equipment for the treatment of scars. This reduces and ensures greater and better healing, which improves the appearance and achieves an almost invisible scar.

What should be expected during subcutaneous mastectomy recovery?

In recovery from the mastectomy you may experience pain, discomfort, discomfort, inflammation, which is why we recommend absolute rest and our premium postoperative period in which manual lymphatic drainage is performed with ultrasound and radiofrequency technology. We also offer the benefits of hyperbaric chamber to oxygenate the internal tissues of the body, which facilitates recovery and rapid healing. Of course you will have the most important thing: the follow-up of our professionals throughout the recovery process.

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