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Enhance your innate beauty with precise, minimally invasive surgery that expresses your maximum potential. We put at your disposal a professional medical team that visualizes and sculpts your figure until you achieve the attractiveness you want. The perfect synthesis between the most advanced techniques and technology combined with artistic talent and sensitivity.

Our values

Trust, innovation, sensitivity and security

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Individualized attention

We take care of every detail to guarantee a unique and individualized experience. At Clínica Tintoré we provide trust and closeness from the first to the last day, offering you personalized advice and peace of mind at all times.


The desire to innovate is one of our hallmarks. Applying the technique acquired during 25 years of experience to the most advanced technology makes us pioneers of treatments as revealing as Lipofit4D or ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

Talent and artistic vision

Our team stands out for having an exquisite aesthetic sense that, together with a meticulous study of the proportions of the body and face, allows us to sculpt your desires in a natural and precise way. This talent and sensitivity have made us a reference center in Spain, with more than 5,000 aesthetic interventions behind us.

Safety and precision

All interventions in our clinic are carried out following the highest safety standards, as well as the most precise surgical techniques. In addition, we have unique postoperative support in the sector, in which we visit patients every day to monitor their recovery and get them back to normal as soon as possible.


What makes us different?

Clínica Tintoré redefines the plastic surgery sector with a unique proposal that fuses technique, constant innovation, close treatment and an exquisite sense of beauty. This distinctive seal places Dr. Xavier Tintoré as one of the best plastic surgeons in Spain, a pioneer in the application of the LipoFit 4D technique and standing out in ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

Our philosophy

Clínica Tintoré was born with the purpose of making the attractiveness and confidence you desire come true through minimally invasive treatments. With a team focused on people, we offer individualized and close treatment, putting at your disposal our technique and artistic talent, as well as the most advanced technology to sculpt your desires.

Dr. Xavier Tintoré

Great fan of outdoor sports, Xavier Tintoré begins his career in sports medicine. As soon as he graduated, he worked as a doctor in a ski resort, with the intention of specializing in traumatology. The good results he obtained at the MIR gave him many opportunities and he decided to do a residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Bellvitge Hospital, where he specialized in reconstructive surgery of different organs.

Tintoré considers himself in love with his profession, both for its human and creative aspect, and for the technical challenges it entails. Motivated by this great desire to improve, in 2004 he decided to take on new challenges at the Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya, where he combined reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, while at the same time practicing private practice in his own plastic surgery clinic.

Recognitions and awards

2022: Award for the best national surgeon in the category of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at the National Medicine Awards (Madrid, March 17, 2022).

2021: “The Reason” Award for medical innovation.

2018: “A tu Salud” award given by the Minister of Health, as the best surgeon in Spain in body contour surgery.

2017: Gold star for medical professional excellence.

“Plastic surgery is the most extensive and creative. Every operation is different and you need a lot of resources to make people's wishes come true. It is a difficult surgery, but very beautiful and grateful.”

Dr. Xavier Tintoré


Dr. Xavier Tintoré

Medical director

Head of plastic surgery at HGC

Dr. Eva Verdaguer

Specialist in Female Aesthetic Surgery

Alejandra Romero

Responsible for postoperative care

Silvia de Tintoré

Patient Coordination Manager

Miriam Bermudez

Patient Coordination Manager

Marta Muñoz

Patient care manager and operating room coordinator


Our clinic has two locations to offer you the maximum guarantees of safety and comfort. At the General Hospital of Catalonia (Quirónsalud Group), considered one of the most technologically advanced health centers in Europe, we carry out the interventions and put private rooms at your disposal to facilitate your recovery.

The second headquarters is located on Amigó street in Barcelona. This space combines the most advanced technology with exclusive facilities so that you can enjoy the best plastic surgery treatments in an incomparable environment.


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