Rhinoplasty in Barcelona

What is a rhinoplasty?

At Clínica Tintoré we call rhinoplasty the nose operation or nose surgery, any aesthetic, restorative or harmonizing intervention of the nose. Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery suitable for aesthetic cases as well as to correct its functionality.. In our plastic surgery clinic we are aware of other problems such as deviated septum surgery, known as rhinoseptoplasty.

Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Tintoré, has specialized in ultrasonic rhinoplasty, since it is a more innovative and less painful nose operation for the patient.. In the same way, nose surgeries such as rhinoseptoplasty or turbinate surgery focus on achieving better aesthetics for your nose. At Clínica Tintoré, we will always look for the most natural and harmonious result for you.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in Barcelona

Intervention Time

One hour approx.

Type of Anesthesia



It is not required


One day

Visible Results



From €6,200

Rhinoplasty before and after

In our plastic surgery clinic you will only need approximately 10 days to see a before and after of your rhinoplasty.. Thanks to our exclusive postoperative service you can return to your routine in less than 2 weeks. Dr. Tintoré will always be taking care of you before and after rhinoplasty in Barcelona. We take care of everything so that you only have to enjoy your new nose.

Before and after rhinoplasty at Clínica Tintoré is an improvement to your nose. During nose surgery, we focus on giving a harmonious and natural touch to your nose. Thanks to Dr. Tintoré's experience you will notice a natural and amazing change before and after your rhinoplasty.. Also, you can see our testimonials in our Instagram profile.

Rhinoplasty clinic in Barcelona

A nose operation, such as an ultrasonic rhinoplasty or a rhinoseptoplasty, are interventions that you should leave in the best hands. We at Clínica Tintoré assure you risk-free surgery and priority care for a whole year. In our rhinoplasty clinic in Barcelona you can have the operation performed with the best plastic surgeon. With Dr. Tintoré you can have any nose surgery in Barcelona.

+30 years

If you are looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Barcelona, you are in the right place. Awarded as the best surgeon in Spain.

100% success

We make sure that you only enjoy the results as soon as possible.

Price of a rhinoplasty

The price of a rhinoplasty can depend on several factors, but Clínica Tintoré is the best in terms of quality-price ratio.. Very few surgery clinics offer the same post-operative service. In the same way, we take care of you at every moment so that your nose operation is perfect. In our rhinoplasty clinic in Barcelona, the price starts at €6,200.

Dr. Tintoré's prices vary if the ultrasonic rhinoplasty is primary, secondary or tertiary. The before and after results in rhinoplasty are unique in our clinic. Everything will be included in the price of the rhinoplasty so that you do not have to worry at any time..

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In our plastic surgery clinic in Barcelona we perform different types of nose surgery. For example, we perform ultrasonic rhinoplasty or rhinoseptoplasty. Each type of nose surgery has its functionality and intervention time. Also, rhinoplasty for men and women is the same procedure. You can treat any aesthetic or reconstructive nose surgery with our plastic surgeon in Barcelona.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

This nose surgery consists of molding the shape of your nose so that it looks according to your natural features.. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a technique that improves the result and leaves less inflammation after nose surgery. Besides, Dr. Tintoré is the best plastic surgeon for ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Barcelona.

The best rhinoplasty plastic surgeon in Barcelona


This nose surgery is known as a deviated septum operation.. Our plastic surgeon will correct the functionality of the nose, but will not lose focus on correcting the aesthetics as well. The main objective is to operate on the patient's deviated septum so that it no longer affects the patient's breathing..


Better known as turbinate surgery to solve nasal problems. This intervention will correct problems related to the turbinates and the aesthetics of the nose. In this nose surgery, Dr. Tintoré will reduce the size of the turbinates using different techniques and correct the aesthetics of your nose.


All frequently asked questions answered by our plastic surgeon, Dr. Tintoré. Only at Clínica Tintoré we ensure a risk-free rhinoplasty with natural results.

Nose surgery or ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Barcelona

Is rhinoplasty dangerous?

Nose surgeries such as rhinoplasty are safe when performed by a specialized plastic surgeon and in an appropriate environment. That is why we always keep you in contact with Dr. Tintoré and his team. At Clínica Tintoré we take the time to evaluate your state of health both before and after your rhinoplasty in Barcelona..

How long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty?

At Clínica Tintoré we assure that you will be able to return to your routine in approximately 10 days. Unlike other plastic surgery clinics, we reduce inflammation and make it less painless so you can get back to your life. With our postoperative service you will be recovered in 10 days after rhinoplasty in Barcelona.

Are there risks of death during rhinoplasty?

The risk of death is almost zero during a nose operation such as rhinoplasty. However, it is important to say that the crucial thing will be to choose a good specialist. Our plastic surgeon in Barcelona, Dr. Tintoré, will require several medical tests before the intervention.. In addition, the team in the operating room will always be taking care of you at all times. Our commitment is to your health, which is why we follow up on your case throughout the first year.


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